Tradeswomen Resources

Tradeswomen Resources

NEW recognizes the strength and commitment of New York City’s tradeswomen and strives to provide them with helpful resources. NEW offers a variety of services and opportunities to its graduates and New York City tradeswomen.

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Continuing Education
Support Services
Interested in taking continuing education classes or starting a small business?
Learn about the funding opportunities available to NEW graduates through the New York Building Foundation Career Advancement Fund.

Featured Tradeswoman
NEW profiles a NEW graduate working in the trades.

Meet Liz Sgroi, NEW graduate and Carpenters’ Instructor.

NEW Graduates
Click here to read what NEW Graduates have to say about their experience at NEW and in the trades.

Attention Tradeswomen!

NEW would like to hear from you! As more and more women join the building and construction trades, NEW wants to help tradeswomen stay connected and to recognize employers and projects that are leaders in hiring women. Call or e-mail us and let us know your current project, contractor, and subcontractor. 

If you are out of work, NEW can help. Please call us when you are out of work. NEW has information about current projects, available workshops, and how to connect with other tradeswomen.

Important – always follow the out of work notification procedure that is required by your union when you are out of work. Notifying NEW does not take the place of your union process.

Please send this information to NEW’s Graduate Relations Manager Jessica Suarez at or call her at (646) 358-4799.

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