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NEW at Night

The evening program is for women who are currently working during the day. This program, called NEW at Night, is held three evenings and one Saturday a week for eight weeks. The curriculum includes hands-on shop work, trades math, and an overview of career opportunities in the apprenticeship system.

Industry Overview
Students are given a broad overview of the construction apprenticeships and trades in New York City, jurisdiction of the trades and the different unions.

Job Readiness
NEW teaches sexual harassment/discrimination prevention in order to equip women with tools to diffuse the beginnings of any harassment.

Students are given job readiness and interview skills to prepare them for entering apprenticeships.

Trades Math
NEW provides intensive, structured trades-focused math instruction as a vital component of each cycle of the training program.  NEW students are given the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of trades-related math areas including whole numbers, fractions, decimals, algebra, and geometry.

The curriculum includes hands-on instruction (carpentry, blueprint reading, basic electricity and painting) all taught by union members of the individual trade.

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