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ReNEW is a free 6-week pre-apprenticeship program that highlights green collar jobs and is designed to give women insight into sustainable careers and perspective on current and upcoming opportunities in New York City. 


ReNEW’s curriculum balances classes in Environmental Math, Environmental Literacy, Building Science, Solar Theory, and Health and Safety training with hands-on workshops in residential home weatherization, solar panel installation, lifting and carrying, carpentry skills, and site visits. 

Environmental Math

How much money would you save if you replaced that lightbulb?  Our applied math curriculum focuses on real-life problem solving.  Students learn how to analyze energy savings, use charts and graphs to track trends and calculate the number of solar panels that can be installed in an area.  They also learn how to read blueprints, scale drawings and brush up on fractions and percents.  

Environmental Literacy

Green jobs start with educated consumers.  ReNEW participants get a crash course on where are resources comes from, how we use them and what the impact is on our health, society and the environment.  Students discuss current environmental issues and learn about companies and trades that take future generations into consideration. 

Building Science

NEW partners with Solar One to offer an introduction to Building Science.  During this one-week course, students learn how building systems work, and get an introduction into the field of weatherization.  By the end, they will be able to calculate building air flow standards and test for leakage as well as use weatherization equipment in a lab and on a real job site.  

Solar Panel Installation

This week long session on solar panel installation gives students an applied introduction to electricity.  Skills covered are basic wiring, circuitry, shade and site analysis, and panel mounting. 

Deconstruction and Green Building

Students will visit BIG, a reuse building supply warehouse to learn about deconstruction projects and put in a day of service at the warehouse.  Combined with environmental literacy, students gain valuable insight into the Construction and Demolition waste stream in New York City. 

What are Green Collar Jobs?

While there is no one definition for Green Collar Jobs, a general description includes the following requirements:

  • Good for Worker:  Pay a family supporting wage, provide room for growth, available to minorities.
  • Good for Health:  Minimize health effects now and for future generations.
  • Good for the Environment:   Reduce resource use, prioritize renewable resources, keeps water and air clean and manages waste stream.

Many NYC jobs are already green!  For example, working in public transportation cuts back on the pollutants and infrastructure required by automobiles, HazMat workers clean up the environment everyday!

To learn more about the impact green collar jobs are having across the nation, check out

Some Typical Green Collar Job Titles and Fields

Energy Auditor

Weatherization Crew Member

Photovolataic Installer

Green Roof Installer, Green Roof Professional

Jobs in Public Transportation

Green Manufacturing-


Recycling Workers

Urban Agriculture- Landscape Maintenance,

HazMat Workers

Brownfield Remediation

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