Mayor’s Commission on Construction Opportunity

In 2005, Mayor Bloomberg announced the formation of the Commission on Construction Opportunity, aimed to improve access to employment for minorities, women, veterans, and high school graduates.

The Commission has focused on the following actions, which have been critical to NEW’s success:
  1. Construction trade unions have agreed to commit specific percentages of construction apprentice slots targeting demographic groups. For a four-year period starting in 2006, 10% of apprentice slots will be set aside for women.

  2. To assist with the recruitment of women into the construction trades, the City has agreed to collaborate with Nontraditional Employment for Women (NEW), a construction skills pre-apprentice program for women, to begin a public service announcement campaign utilizing bus shelters and phone kiosks to encourage women to enter the construction trades.

  3. Several developers and institutions that are undertaking significant development projects have agreed to pursue the following initiatives to further the objectives of the Commission:

    • Establish good faith goals for hiring of women, and pursue an overall goal of, over time, staffing 15% of the journeyperson and apprenticeship positions with women.

    • Fund a compliance officer to monitor implementation of these items as well as ensure provision of a safe workplace.

  4. The Commission has requested that the New York State Department of Labor allow graduates of Nontraditional Employment for Women (NEW) to enter directly into union apprenticeships, thus reducing the amount of time graduates would wait to access such programs.
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