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Letter from the President


Welcome to the Fall issue of NEWsletter!


I want to share with you some good news about NEW, our partners, and the women we serve.  This year NEW is expanding our training program and will train 550 women.  Just five years ago, we were training less than 200 women; last year we trained over 450 women.  This year’s growth results from our new green training program, ReNEW.  Through ReNEW, we will train and prepare 100 women for careers in the green industry.  NEW is launching ReNEW to ensure that women are in on the ground floor of this growing industry and will have opportunities as workers, supervisors, and small business owners.


While this has certainly been a difficult year for the construction industry, NEW and its Board are committed to expanding our programming and our reach.  NEW is developing initiatives to respond directly to the economic crisis and ensure that both past NEW graduates stay in the trades and that new opportunities are available for future graduates.  NEW is working with new employers and focusing on opportunities for NEW graduates on major projects throughout the City including the World Trade Center, Columbia University, and Willets Point.  It is critical that NEW maintains its pipeline of trained women ready to enter these industries so that women will have these opportunities as jobs become available.


During the recession it is especially critical that we provide an opportunity for low-income women in New York City to secure a better future for themselves and their families.  More and more women are walking through our doors looking for a way to find economic stability and improve their lives.  We are providing more graduates with social services to help them meet basic needs like housing and childcare, which are often barriers that prevent women from obtaining full employment.  The women that graduate from our programs are ready to start a new career.  It is truly inspiring to hear the graduates speak about the positive change they experience during the six week program.  I invite you to attend a graduation ceremony and witness the pride our graduates feel knowing they are on their way to a new career.


I am so grateful for your support of NEW and tradeswomen in New York City.  Every dollar you donate, every woman you employ, every referral you make helps increase the number of tradeswomen in New York.  Thank you for helping to change the skyline of New York City.


Amy A. Peterson















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