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NEW Employers

NEW is uniquely positioned to help unions, contractors and developers employ more tradeswomen.  NEW improves New York City's construction industry workforce by preparing reliable, motivated individuals for the skilled trades. NEW women understand the specialized nature of the construction industry and are familiar with the demands of a career in construction. All NEW graduates are evaluated and approved as trades-ready by a journey-level tradesperson.

“NEW is working with the building and

construction trades to help us open our doors for women and assure that career opportunities in the construction industry are shared by women from all five boroughs.”
      —Edward J. Malloy, Former President, Building & Construction Trades Council of Greater New York

NEW’s outstanding retention rate is a direct result of our partnership with unions, contractors, developers, elected officials and government organizations. Women are in demand in New York City. 

“NEW makes a difference for all New Yorkers by providing women and minorities with the skills and opportunity to build their communities and improve their lives."

      —The Honorable Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor of the City of New York

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Employer Job Placement Services

NEW provides placement services to all women who graduate from training.  During training, students are evaluated by journey-level tradesmen and women to determine their suitability for the trades.  At the end of training, each woman decides which trade she would like to pursue.  NEW will guide the graduate through every step of application.  Trades and employers may require interviewing, testing, or additional training before accepting a candidate. 

NEW can help you meet your employment needs. 

NEW has a group of job-ready women available for long-term careers or interim jobs.
NEW will screen applicants against your requirements and send you qualified candidates.

If you would like to hire a NEW graduate, please contact Erik Antokal, Workforce Development, by email or at 646-257-5097.


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