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Our board of directors and staff are composed of professionals who are dedicated to the diversification of New York City's workforce and the social and economic enrichment of women's lives.

Because of the various populations NEW serves, our administrative and program staff must acquire knowledge of the trades, as well as familiarize themselves with workforce legislation, l
abor history and practices, and job development. Our instructional staff is composed almost exclusively of seasoned trades workers,
many of whom have experience teaching in union apprenticeship programs.

Kathleen Culhane, President

Erik Antokal,    Assistant Vice President of Programs
Maria Buckmire,    Program Coordinator
Cindi Ditren,    Finance Manager
Denise Doyle,    Senior Recruitment Manager
Sarah Echols,    Executive Assistant
Amanda Kogut-Rosenau,    Vice President of Programs
Rondell Middleton,    Recruiter
Kim Nichols,    Program Coordinator
Betty (Bethiana) Ortiz,    Development and Communications Manager
Jason Rok,    Vice President of Finance and Operations
Howie Rotz,    Shop Manager
McKay Sharpe,    Employment Coordinator
Amanda Trainor,    Employment Coordinator
Kevin White,    Director of Information Technology
Linda Young,    Director of Social Services


Howard Rotz, Shop Manager

Noa Appleton

Brendan Burns

Brandan Cohen

Stephen Flynn

Shantar Gibson

Kathleen Klohe

Robert Lewis

Jeannie Lockwood

Susan McQuade

Max Neuberger

Richard Neumayer

Steve Strout

NEW Nontraditional Employment for Women. 243 West 20th Street, New York, NY 10011 (212) 627-6252

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