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NEW Signature Projects Program

Increase Demand for Women on New York City's Construction Projects

On June 10, 2010, NEW announced the launch of the NEW Signature Projects Program created by NEW's Board of Directors to advance tradeswomen participation on New York City construction projects.

The NEW Signature Projects Program is designed to increase the utilization of tradeswomen on New York City construction projects; ensure an adequate supply of skilled tradeswomen prepared for the demands of the industry; and help industry leaders adopt best practices.

"The NEW Signature Projects Program is taking the mission of NEW and

really moving it to the next level. I'm so proud of this collaboration that

will ensure that once women are trained in the building trades,

they will also get the hours on the job sites that

they need to support themselves and their families.

I commend all of the partners in the NEW Signature Proejcts Program

for being both forward thinking and equality minded."

   -Christine C. Quinn, Speaker of the New York City Council

By working with owners and contractors that have already been awarded projects or are currently in bidding, NEW is ensuring the demand for women on projects continues. This contractor/subcontractor demand will hopefully also increase the percentage of women being accepted into apprenticeships. 

NEW has pioneered strong partnerships with building trade unions, contractors, developers, and owners providing a skilled workforce who are prepared, reliable, and committed. Starting in 2006, the building and construction trades unions set a goal to place women in ten percent of all new apprenticeship slots.  Since 2005, NEW has placed over 725 graduates with 27 different regional unions, including 22 in New York City.

"Avon, as the Company for Women, is pleased to join NEW in their efforts to ensure that women are afforded equal opportunity and equal pay for a hard day's work."

   -Louise Matthews, Avon

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Register with NEW to Commit Your Project


A Few Simple Steps

  • Identify an existing or planned construction project
  • Register your project with NEW
  • Set a goal for tradeswomen participation
    • Tradeswomen Hours Goal - Propose a set percentage of the overall trades hours as a goal for tradeswomen participation
    • Overall Project Participation Goals - NEW can help you meet your project's diversity and local hiring goals through this program

How NEW Will Help You Meet Your Goal

Once you commit a project you will receive the NEW Signature Projects Program Welcome Kit, including:

  • Sample from a Model Project
  • Tradeswomen Hours Worksheet
  • Road Map to Working with NEW
  • Direct Link to NEW

How NEW Will Recognize Your Commitment

  • A highlight of your signature project's milestones on NEW's website
  • A spotlight of your signature project in NEW's industry-wide e-updates
  • Recognition at NEW's annual Equity Leadership Awards Luncheon


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