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NEW Signature Projects Program

Committed Projects

More Projects Commit to Hire Tradeswomen

Owners and Construction Managers are committing projects across New York City as NEW Signature Projects. Projects include:

777 Third Avenue


Gardiner & Theobald, Inc.

Hunter Roberts

"This is a significant effort on the part of NEW's Board of Directors. Avon, as the Company for Women, is pleased to join NEW in their efforts to ensure that women are afforded equal opportunity and equal pay for a hard day's work."

- Louise Matthews, Vice President Global Real Estate & Corporate Services, Avon

450 West 42nd Street

Related Companies

Tishman Construction Corporation

"Related is pleased to support NEW's efforts to increase the utilization of tradeswomen in our developments. Our 1.2 million square foot mixed-use development will create hundreds of construction jobs and in partnership with our Construction Manager, Tishman Construction Corporation, and through the innovative leadership of NEW we will ensure that tradeswomen play a signficant role in bringing this new development to fruition."

- Bruce A. Beal, Jr., Executive Vice President of Related Companies

Atlantic Yards Development

Forest City Ratner Companies

"Forest City Ratner Companies is committed to ensuring that a diverse workforce representative of the local community will build Atlantic Yards. Working with Nontraditional Employment for Women, Forest City Ratner will meet the commitment we have set for significant tradeswomen participation on the project along with our local and minority goals."

- Joanne Minieri, President and Chief Operating Officer of Forest City Ratner Companies and NEW Board Member

Columbia University

"Columbia University has had a long history of working with women, minority and local contractors and workforce. This new initiative provides us with another opportunity to focus our efforts and raise the bar in reaching our local community including the women and minorities that are so vital to creating a strong workforce."

- Joe Ienuso, Executive Vice President for Columbia University Facilities and NEW Board Member

388 Bridge Street, Brooklyn

Cauldwell Wingate

"Cauldwell Wingate has long been committed to the recruitment and advancement of women in the construction industry. The time has come to advance these efforts through a strong, unified commitment from owners and construction managers throughout New York City. Having skilled tradeswomen on our workforce is the result of a collaborative effort with our partners in organized labor who have worked with us to meet this mission over the last several years. It's great to have the opportunity to see it come to fruition on large scale projects."

- Susan Hayes, President and CEO of Cauldwell Wingate and NEW Board Member

World Trade Center Towers 2, 3, and 4

Silverstein Properties

"I have always believed that the revitalization of Lower Manhattan and the rebuilding of the World Trade Center should benefit all New Yorkers. I am proud to continue our excellent relationship with NEW and delighted to include our World Trade Center towers in the organization's NEW Signature Projects Program."

- Larry Silverstein, President and CEO of Silverstein Properties


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